Different Visions of Electronics Recycling

Who do you believe?

E-Cycle Environmental

E-Cycle Environmental practices a no re-sell policy of any of the electronics we process through our organization, regardless of functionality. Obsolete electronics have no place in the modern economy for numerous reasons:

-Very few organizations will except donations
-Computers only a couple of years old are obsolete
-Companies can invest in new electronics for minimal cost
-Used electronics are usually very unreliable
-Obsolete electronics take up valuable square footage
-Obsolete electronics are tremendous liabilities


FREE GEEK receives donated used computers and refurbishes them with care. They are then “adopted out” to volunteers in exchange for 24 hours of service in our recycling facility. We call this the “adoption program,” and anyone willing to come down and work is eligible to join us and adopt a machine. The computer systems we create, called FreekBoxes, are loaded with the GNU/Linux operating system and other Free Software.

Any computer equipment, working or not, can be donated to FREE GEEK; we will repair and reuse what computers we can. Non-functioning computers and scrap will be recycled responsibly. Computers that are deemed obsolete or broken are demanufactured and separated into their basic components. FREE GEEK then finds a local industrial recycler to process the materials.

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