Podcast by Phone from Costa Rica

I am listening to our middle school students podcasting from Costa Rica. What a treat! Listen in below. David is trying this for the second year in a row. This year’s posts are more detailed, articulate, and to the point. I will try at some point to find out how David prepped the students for their posts.

Sending periodic updates back home adds a new dimension to international travel. Parents and other interested community members can follow the trip progress from home. Students can share their reflections on the trip as it is happening, which adds a new twist to the task of reporting back. The conversation is one way, so that no replies from listeners intrude on the students’ foreign experience. The collection of all of the recordings will capture a record of the trip that others will be able to use afterward. Podcasting by phone requires very little production time on the parts of the trip participants and no special equipment. GCast doesn’t even charge for the service!

At the same time, trip leader Spencer has brought along a set of digital audio recorders, so that students may each record daily audio journal entries and reflect on them upon return. I will be interested to see how they will compare the educative value of these two very different methods of capturing thoughts in audio format during the trip.

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