Received our XO

It’s much smaller than I thought it would be. Yes, that’s a 12 inch iBook adjacent! Over the summer, we will also pick up a couple of Asus eeePCs and see whether either will serve our lower school students well as classroom computers.


  1. Dylan Bennett says:

    I ordered an XO in the first five minutes they had ordering open and received it during the winter break.

    My daughter and son (5 and 3, respectively) absolutely love it. I created a memory game for my daughter of all her classmates matched to their parents’ names and she loves to play that along with the math problems memory game. My son loves to play the maze game and actually is pretty good at it. Both of them love playing with the word processor and the painting activity.

    The thing I haven’t been able to do, which I would like to try at some point, is the mesh networking. I simply haven’t been able to hook up with anyone else with an XO laptop.

    I think they are amazing little machines. My daughter brought ours to Show and Tell in the lower school and it was a big hit.

  2. Jason says:

    We do not currently have a 1-to-1 laptop programme at our school, but we are investigating the option. I am hoping the eeePC might by a viable contender instead of a full-blown laptop, at least for a subset of the students. The cost is amazingly low, but I have read complaints about battery life, especially with the bundled 4-cell battery. But for taking notes, browsing the internet, IM and email, it sure beats a 5-7 pound laptop! Especially after installing a 16GB SDHC card and 2GB of RAM.