TiVo Update

Paul writes:

Tivo is working flawlessly. I log in, choose what should be recorded, receive a confirmation e-mail, and wait. Then, after airing, I connect via wired network, download the show from the Tivo box using Toast, and burn a DVD. In the case of Bush’s war, I needed a double-layer DVD, but then, all was well. Very cool! Thanks for making this happen.

This is great news. The next question is how to scale this to the entire faculty. Paul had to update to the latest Toast in order for this to work, and I don’t think we’re about to purchase a copy of Toast or ask them to copy large digital video files across the network. The current plan is to move the TiVo and DVD-R to an accessible classroom and skip the network transfer step.

One comment

  1. Paul Monheimer says:

    Thanks for the publicity. Using Toast allowed me to combine a two-part frontline onto 1 DVD. Network transfer is invisible and works in the background while I am teaching using the same laptop.