Authority and experimentation

Paul, nice job introducing the trip planning project using Google Earth. I especially liked how you explained how teacher authority (or “genius,” as you put it) is actually the face of experience. Students think you magically know all the answers, but this is actually because you’ve done the project many times before. Then you explained that moving the project into Google Earth means that you will encounter problems for the first time and not be as able to answer the students’ questions correctly the first time. I couldn’t read the students’ reactions to this … perhaps they were mildly stunned. I hope that the more adventuresome among them will view this as an opportunity to lead the exploration and define the project for future classes! Onward and upward. Good luck with it.

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  1. Paul Monheimer says:

    Aw, shucks. thanks. I have already been e-mailed 2 links to Google Calendars. Things appear to be working smoothly.