Oregon Episcopal School

Brad from Oregon Episcopal School kindly invited us to visit, and next week we will be pleased to return the favor. I was reminded how powerful it is to visit other schools in town. Thanks to Brad, Brad, Jeff, and Deri for welcoming us.

We walked through the middle school, encountering small groups of students working togethet with laptops in the hall outside their classes. One group was writing, another developing spoken recordings in GarageBand. In the upper school, both computer labs we saw were fully occupied with busy students, and posters demonstrated exemplary work in 3D modeling — especially landscapes and buildings. The upper school office was very quiet — just adopt a 1:1 program to make that place take off!

Some specific items I learned.

– OES has run deployment through Altiris for five years, as have we. It’s time to put our heads together to share tips.

– They are handling middle school Apple laptops using Workgroup Manager, which we are going to undertake this summer.

– Brad is writing a document retention policy, which we would like to undertake this year.

– OES is experimenting with TiVo, as we have this year.

– OES is looking at XO and eeePC as possible low-cost mobile lab solutions.

– OES is thinking of moving some students’ school accounts to GMail to take advantage of email, file storage, and collaborative document authorship.

– They are evaluating Higher Ground laptop bags for their MacBooks.

– They use current year operating funds to purchase computers for the following year, permitting maximum flexibility when timing purchases.

I am sure there was tons more. We look forward to welcoming the crew to Catlin Gabel next week.

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