Chris Lehmann

Chris Lehmann

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Chris is challenging the audience in several ways. I think he’s trying to raise the level of urgency for school reform.

School 2.0 is simple: progressive education with 21st century tools
Who has read Dewey (a few hands) since grad school (almost none)
There is no silver bullet (to school reform)
Stop blaming schools
Industrial age created the current dominant school model
Funding does matter, because it pays people
John Cleese: “If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.”
“Lifelong kindergarten” (MIT Media Lab)
“Scary thought: What are we willing to unlearn and relearn?”

Pedagogy matters: be more intentional about the way we create our schools
Create caring institutions
If you give a test, you are not doing project-based learning
Incredibly empowered students

What do we gain/lose?
Have to give up breadth as the goal
Technology must be like oxygen: ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible
Don’t talk about “what” before “why”
Certain technologies are not additive, they are transformative (Neil Postman) (e.g., printing press)
Process trumps product
Simplify all the easy tasks, so we have time and energy for the complex
Research -> Collaborate -> Present -> Network
George Siemens: Connectivism
What if kids did “academic” networking, not just social network?
Transparency: we can invite the world to our schools
What is the role of the teacher in the age of Google?

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  1. Chris Lehmann says:

    The only caveat… I think tests have a role in a PBL environment, but they can’t be the top of your assessment hierarchy. That’s really important. They are great ways to quickly dipstick for content / skill recall. But they don’t get you to understanding.