David Pogue keynote

David Pogue

(very broad liveblogging)

David Pogue “sticks his neck out” to predict five rising technology trends.

Convergence of phone and internet

VOIP, Vonage, Skype, TMobile @ Home

GrandCentral.com (phone call forwarding)

Google Cellular (texting Google to get business lookups, weather, driving directions, etc.

800 GOOG 411

Voice-to-text, e.g., SimulScribe, CallWave

Popularity Dialer (funny way to get out of a meeting)

RFID transmitters (embedding transmittable digital information in library books, shipping pallets, pets!, clothing, prisoners!)

FuturePhone: free international phone calls via Iowa due to a government subsidy for calls from rural areas, but they’ve been shut down as a result!

A la Carte Video


iTunes Video

Web 2.0

Facebook, YouTube, Craigslist

“Blogs can put a face on a company” — a more personal face on an organization (my note: this works when regular employees post about daily life, not when an organization posts official notices in a blog-type format)

Less well-known sites that are incredibly successful at putting people in touch with each other around certain information:

Prosper: person-to-person microloans

Kiva: Microloans for international businesses

Goloco: ad-hoc carpooling

E-Petitions: UK site for anyone to create a petition on any topic

Who Is Sick?: tracking what illnesses are going around


  1. James Siminoff says:

    When and where was this speech?


    James Siminoff, Founder
    PhoneTag (formerly SimulScribe)

  2. Richard says:

    Today, ACPE conference, Welches, Oregon