E-Mail Archiving

Mary Beth Herkert
Archives Division, Information Resource Management Unit

Work on home computers is part of public record
Records retention schedules
Preserve only for as long as it is needed to accurately document agency functions
Core Elements of a Good Policy
– appropriate use statement
– access to employee computers and accounts; privacy notice
– retention of e-records
– policy awareness
– training
– compliance
Email management manual online (state archives)
Alternative communication devices
– IM
– PDAs
– Chat roms
– Blogs
Public employees — no expectation of privacy
Individual employees make decisions about what to retain (realistic?)
“Knowingly destroy public records” – okay if it’s a mistake
Synchronizing email to home computer — yes, the home computer could be subpenead
Messages that need to be saved for a long period of time should be exported from the email system
Create a filing system that is the same for both electronic and paper records (e.g., naming conventions)
Voicemail is not a public record for retention in Oregon
No jurisdiction over a private school — subject to federal requirements
Audio recordings need to be kept for one year, even if minutes were taken
May not need to capture email messages if records are documented elsewhere (e.g., teacher communicates progress report to parents)

Mary Beth Herkert
Archives Division, Information Resource Management Unit

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