Not the Unconference They Hoped For

Some NECC attendees are disappointed over the second edition of the EduBloggerCon unconference at NECC. I am surprised at their surprise! Small size and nonstandard venue are part of a successful unconference design. Of course the dominant conference structure (vendors, too many people, too much structure) would intrude upon informal, spontaneous conversation. It seems counterintuitive to hold an intimate, spontaneous gathering in the midst of a huge, highly structured conference.

Keep it small. Keep it local. The most change you can make is within your immediate surroundings, hopefully in a school! Use the international network of edubloggers to expand your thinking and build collaboration, but don’t lose focus on the present and the applied. That will make the most difference for kids in school.


  1. Vicki Davis says:

    I personally enjoyed the edubloggercon — there were a lot of newbies — a great thing in my book, not so for others. The edublogosphere is growing and some aren’t comfortable with that. Whether it was liked or not really depends on who you talk to.

  2. Richard says:

    It’s good to know that another point of view exists. Is it usually the case that those who are dissatisfied post more often than those who are pleased?