Voicethread activity design

Voicethread may be one of those very versatile tools that appeals to a wide variety of teachers and supports many different kinds of learners. These examples demonstrate some different lesson designs we discussed during a meeting with our language teachers and Barbara Cohen of Marin Country Day School.

Introductory activity: state your goals for the year, attempt your first Spanish statements. This activity was both a low-risk way to have kids test their Voicethread connections from home and get a sense of their Spanish abilities.

Quiz practice: Kids practice and share their preparation for the phrase completion quiz.

Math solutions: This creative example took us by surprise. The MCDS students use the doodle tool and audio narration to walk through math solutions. Very cool.

Organic story: Spencer came up with the idea to have students create a story one comment at a time. Start with a single prompt and then have students each continue the story from the previous student’s comment.

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