Language classroom multimedia setup

language classroom

This won’t win the prize for the simplest, most elegant setup, but it’s a practical combination of new and old technologies. This room was originally set up by a professional audiovisual installer about five years ago with audiovisual rack, long-throw projector, AV switcher, satellite and cable TV feeds, multiregion VHS and DVD players, and stereo speakers.

When the projector died, it was less expensive to purchase a Smart 680i2 for the front of the classroom than to buy a bright projector and custom lens for the rear of the classroom. The teachers also gain the Smart Board and document camera that they have wanted for some time.

The teachers are all ready to use the equipment to analyze language materials from all kinds of sources with their students. We should see some great applications of technology to curriculum come out of this Spanish and Mandarin Chinese classroom.


  1. Vinnie Vrotny says:

    If it works and is economically prudent, then it is a great solution.

  2. Richard says:

    Good morning! The original setup was expensive, but the projector replacement was less costly than the alternative!