Switch Firefox Tabs With Apple Remote Using Mira

In the last year, I have pretty much ditched presentation software such as PowerPoint and Keynote in favor of using a simple web browser. I have jettisoned bulleted lists and gained interactivity in my “slides.” Most of my subject matter exists within a web browser, anyway. I store collections of web site bookmarks in tab groups.

Today (just before a presentation), I learned how to use the Apple remote control to switch among Firefox tabs. This way, I wouldn’t have to reach for the keyboard to move from one tab to the next. I am running Firefox 3 on Mac OS 10.5.


This site led me to Mira ($15, Twisted Melon), which expands the use of the Apple remote to many applications. I configured Mira to send the Ctrl-tab keystroke to Firefox when I pressed the Menu button. You could customize different buttons to suit your preferences.

firefox check box
Activate Mira for Firefox.

configure menu button
Select the remote button you want to configure.

Specify the keystroke you want that button to perform, in this case Ctrl-Tab.

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