Social Networks at Catlin Gabel

The following parent evening presentation includes statistics on social network use in our school and examples of social software in the classroom. I wanted to provide some basics to parents unfamiliar with Facebook, inform the discussion of student use of social networks through data, and keep the focus on teaching and learning.


  1. matt montagne says:

    Good stuff, Richard. I think it is critical that people in educational technology do this type of work with the school community…otherwise we’ll end up with continued technopanic and this isn’t good for any of the stakeholders. I’ve found that when you do these types of sessions that parents "get it" get it much more than we give them credit for. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Bob Irving says:

    Do you find that the parents who come to an evening like this are the ones who don’t need it, and the ones who really need to be there aren’t?

  3. Ben Chun says:

    Richard, would you share your survey questions with me? I showed this video to some folks here at my school and they are inspired to do something similar. My thought is that if we were to follow the same methodology as you and ask the same questions, we could even compare data! Let me know what you think.