New Catlin Gabel web site launched!

We launched the new Catlin Gabel web site yesterday morning! The first day went very smoothly. Thank you to those who sent feedback (especially the two with constructive comments). Most first reactions have been about graphic design and navigation. I’m sure that people will have more to say about functionality once they use the site to get things done.

We timed the launch for the very slowest week of summer, so that we could see how the site performs as the load increases up to the start of school. A handful of teachers and staff members are updating new sections of the site, such as Sustainable School and Global Education. Other parts of the site are missing content at present and will need to be populated before the start of school. I created an introductory video to call attention to some aspects of the site.

Far from being done with the site, I have a very long list of items to address, most notably continuing development work on our custom modules. Many remaining to-do items are to customize aspects of the Drupal interface that aren’t quite the right match for our needs. Nonetheless, it feels great to have cleared a major hurdle!

Some of the recent posts on this blog describe the site’s features and development process in greater detail.

new web site

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