Apple laptops not holding up in students’ hands

During summer laptop maintenance, we touch every teacher and student machine to perform updates, change some configuration settings, and fix hardware issues. As of today, we have 40 Macs out for service out of a total of about 200 machines that have passed through our hands. Far and away the leading category of repair is MacBook computers with cracked plastic cases.

I know our kids are hard on these computers, but they also carry them to school, through five to seven periods, to afternoon activities, and then back home each day. We want the kids to use the computers, after all. This repair rate creates hours of additional work for us and days of delays to the students.

Why oh why won’t a computer manufacturer produce a laptop truly designed for highly mobile, high-use individuals like students?


  1. Jason says:

    They do… it is the expensive but oh so durable and lovely MacBook Pro. The problem with plastic laptops (and this is Mac, or MSI Wind networks, Dells or HPs) is that they weren’t meant for road warriors and that what are students are when they own and USE a laptop. The road warrior laptops? The Macbook Pros and Dell mobile workstations and HP desktop replacements? They are expensive…

  2. Matt Montagne says:

    We’ve seen quite a few cracked cases as well. This is a known issue and Apple covers repairs for the cases under warranty (if the computers are still under warranty that is). It is still quite disruptive for certain and I agree that a rugged portable notebook computer is badly needed.

  3. Brant Holme III says:


    I am a beginning Drupal student. I have used dreamweaver cs3 for 3 years.

    Can you advise two learning books on Drupal, or web URL resources? I am a Web content student at PCC.

    Thanks for your comments,

    Oh, I use Apple G4 17" PowerBook Pro, and I also have dropped the laptop and gotten a stress crack, but the unit never broke down.

    Brant, Aloha, Oregon

  4. Richard says:

    Brant, Packt Press has a nice collection of Drupal books at various levels.