All Kinds Of Minds in action

You may know the whole-brain teaching philosophy called All Kinds of Minds. A majority of our teachers attend professional development days to learn this brain-based approach to teaching students, one part of our approach to progressive education. Teachers learn to construct learning activities that work for different types of learners. Students learn to identify their own learning strengths and weaknesses and appreciate the unique set of qualities that each person possesses. Such an approach gives students responsibility for their own learning. In the following video, second grade students share what they have learned about their own skills and brains.

The video also serves as a fine example of teacher use of technology to share student learning with the school community. This second grade teacher collected media, produced this video, and presented it to parents without requesting any assistance from our IT department. Well done!

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  1. Mary Dean Barringer says:

    I’m Mary-Dean Barringer, CEO of All Kinds of Minds. I don’t even know who sent this link to me, but we are so impressed! Thanks for showing knowledge in action. We’re going to post the link on our website.

    Keep more of these terrific examples coming.