Finally moved to WordPress

I like sticking with the underdog. In 2005, I compared several blogging platforms and settled on Nucleus CMS. For five years, I have happily blogged with that software, enjoying its fast speed and sufficient range of plugins. Many thanks to the Nucleus development team for producing a superb, low-overhead blogging platform.

Over that time, the WordPress plugin library continued to grow. Finally, the gap between it and Nucleus became too much. I had to work around Nucleus’ image embed codes and email notification systems. I repeatedly cleaned up rogue HTML inserted into template. It was awkward to post from my phone. I wanted social media plugins. I finally capitulated and migrated to WordPress.

Migration went really smoothly. Thank goodness for structured content, self-hosting, and the open source community! I installed James Sasitorn’s import utility and added some code to copy images to the new installation. Because I hosted my own blog, the script was easily able to migrate content from one set of database tables to the other.

WordPress was really easy to set up. I had the blog running and old posts imported within about an hour. I spent another hour researching, installing, and configuring a half-dozen plugins. I even migrated the old Nucleus item ids into the WordPress database and wrote a tiny script to permanently redirect requests to old Nucleus URLs to the new WordPress ones! This should keep links from Google and other websites from breaking.

I plan to keep this blog simple. Let me know how it works for you. Please let me know if anything breaks from the old site.

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