The end is just the beginning

As the school year comes to an end, I am working on the following projects.

  • Announcing summer IT work schedule to the faculty and staff
  • Teaching Scratch to fourth and fifth grade classes
  • Continuing work on online admission application
  • Discussing online job application improvements with Human Resources
  • Forming a task force to review technology expenses and write a five-year projection
  • Analyzing laptop program survey results
  • Writing a web script to track employee IT changes (arrivals, departures, and changes)
  • Writing a web script to track summer workstation maintenance
  • Writing student reports for fourth and fifth grade technology classes

How about you?


  1. Jo Moreland says:

    Scratch? I work with all grades but my previous experience is with 4th and 5th . . . interested in what this is!

  2. Jo Moreland says:

    Thanks! Just finished a 4th and 5th grade summer tech camp, and beginning one Monday for 6th to 8th. Looking for ideas! Found your blog in “Top 100 Technology Blogs for Teachers”! Thanks for the info.