New Computer Much Like the Old

I was pretty excited to replace my work MacBook Pro for the first time in four years. Although the new machine is very nice, my computing experience has not changed much. Contrast that with my last computer replacement, when I got an Intel chip for the first time, or the time before, when I received my first aluminum Powerbook.

Two of my favorite applications have apparently gone through some transitions. Smultron has been discontinued. I suppose a text editor does not require much in the way of updates, but I will eventually need to switch. I had thought that NetNewsWire was also discontinued, since it disappeared from Newsgator’s list of products. I guess it’s just gone under the radar. You can find it here.

One comment

  1. Welcome to the unchanging world of laptop hardware. Aside from a speed boost, nice screen, and all the ports on one side, I, too, noticed nothing earth-shattering when I began using a new MacBook Pro. I guess the exciting hardware development is happening in the iOS world. On the NetNewsWire front, I have continued to use it (I don’t mind the ads since they don’t appear on the mobile version….yet. It still has no translate feature which is why I continue to use Parallels. NetGator does have a translate button. Workaround is to use Google Reader and translate the page. Seems so Kludgy, though.