Online Admission Application

This summer, I put the finishing touches on our new online admission application. We have had online inquiries for two years, including parent information, student information, tour and visit scheduling, and application forms download (PDF). I ported the code from a previous version that I wrote for my previous school and then modified it for this multi-divisional institution.

Over the years, online admission apps have evolved from a convenience for international applicants to an expectation of many parents. Many of the new features are pretty simple: a student statement requires a lot of thought from the author but only a set of textfields from the site!

I tried a new approach with teacher evaluations. The website allows the parent to send an invitation email to a teacher, who then clicks on a link in the email to visit our website and write the evaluation. I am looking forward to seeing how well that system works and making changes if necessary.

The application pulls applicant information from Education Edge as needed. It also shows the status of received forms by querying EE checklists, which our staff update as forms are received. Online payment uses Ubercart functions to create a virtual “cart” behind the scenes and submit payment details for processing.

Having a website system changes some aspects of the application process. The instant we open the website, families may start working on their applications. Free responses are limited not by a number of pages or words but rather by string length in characters. Families will be able to start and complete an application just before midnight at the application deadline, if they so choose. Admission staff will be able to measure the number of incomplete applications in process if they wish. We have a “finalize” link for families to submit their app, but we will need to decide what to do with applications that are complete but not actually marked as final and submitted.

A related project of note: CiviSchool has an admission component

The name “Dwee” is fictitious (in case you were not sure)!

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