Working In Schools

I chose the profession of teaching in 1991 for the variety of activities and skills required when one works with children. My schedule yesterday reinforced that I made the right choice. Here are my activities from yesterday.

  • Presented to the upper school students the trip that I am leading to Botswana in June
  • Shared with upper school students annual IT reminders and announcements of new technologies
  • Created with my department colleagues a plan to support the upcoming PNAIS Educator Conference
  • Trained several teachers and staff members to use Moodle for interactive, student-driven activities
  • Confirmed the budget expenses for 2009-10 and plan for 2010-11 with the business office
  • Brainstormed a list of work objectives for 2010-11 with/for our Technology Advisory Group
  • Attended my son’s third grade Back To School Night presentation
  • Presented on fourth grade technology to the fourth grade parents and answered their questions

It was a long but energizing day!

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