Has Technology Changed How We Read?

Some thoughts from Catlin Gabel Middle School head Paul Andrichuk:

Catlin Gabel students are critical and independent thinkers. It’s an aspect of the school culture that is celebrated, but more importantly, it allows students to be careful consumers of all information. Reading skills are guided, modeled, and practiced, regardless of whether the information is on the screen or in a first-edition novel.

Those who worry that the internet may be rewiring our brains are correct, and the evolution of this vital organ continues, just as it has responded to every other substantial change in human history. What remains at the core of reading—from books and computers—is that we continue to value and teach the thinking skills beyond the symbols.

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  1. I’m a big fan of your head’s position paper on this…good stuff. A book that sorta connects to the current fear around the internet rewiring our brains is “Hamlet’s Blackberry.” It puts our current situation in historical context of the many information technology waves that we’ve experienced over the past 2500 years.

  2. Richard,

    Thank your Middle School head for writing such a thoughtful essay. At no point, was I distracted. I felt engaged. It provides some ideas to wrestle with.