Lingt Classroom

This was a post about Lingt Classroom shutting down, but in fact only Lingt is shutting down, not Lingt Classroom. Confusing!

We continue to wait for the ultimate. web-based audio and video recording solution. Our language teachers just discovered Lingt, which allows teachers to easily record and post audio and review student-submitted audio clips — perfect for extending students’ speaking and listening practice beyond class time.

Confused about Lingt vs. Lingt Classroom? This graphic explains it all.

When will we achieve simple web-based audio recording? NanoGong looked promising for a while, but we had issues with the consistency and ease of use of the Java applet, and they are moving slowly to integrate with Moodle 2.0. Moodle fans are considering other options. Riffly looked terrific for a short time, but then the company apparently imploded. VoiceThread is terrific, but you can only use it their way, and the learning object structure does not match every teacher’s learning environment objectives. Students could record audio to their computers and then post the files, but this requires a lot more setup and troubleshooting than direct web recording.

When we do finally get there, the effect will be pretty significant for language teachers and learners.

Update: Jac directs us to Audio Dropboxes from Michigan State University


  1. Jac says:

    Hi Richard,

    Was looking forward to using this resource since you mentioned it last week. Here is possibly a similar site recommended by some Google Certified Teachers:

  2. Richard says:

    You’re a lifesaver, Jac. I love the idea of an audio dropbox widget. I have passed it on to our lead language teacher and will hear back from her which of the resources she likes best.


  3. Chris says:

    Hi Richard,

    My name is Chris Varenhorst, I’m one of the founders of Lingt.

    I have some good news for you: The Lingt product you’re describing is here to stay!
    I believe you’re confusing with was a different offering we had for Chinese learners, while Lingt Classroom is the product you just described.

    The great news is Lingt Classroom is here to stay! will be joining, but this lets us devote more resources to seeing Lingt Classroom continue. Let me know if I can help with anything else. 🙂


  4. Richard says:

    Chris, that is indeed very confusing, since the two websites are branded the same. We do also teach Mandarin Chinese here. Shall I tell my teachers that they may still use Lingt for other languages?


  5. Chris says:

    Certainly! Sorry the confusion, its definitely some poor planning on our fault. Fortunately the problems will now diminish since is shutting down.

    Lingt Classroom is language agnostic, so though many Chinese teachers find it useful, it works equally well for teachers of any other foreign language. We even have ESL teachers and speech therapists using Lingt Classroom. explains the two products clearly.