Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Do your students want to include YouTube video files in their Keynote or PowerPoint presentations? Our fourth grade students are adding videos of traditional music performances to their immigration presentations. We have found the Easy YouTube Video Downloader add-on for Firefox much easier to use and more reliable than SaveYouTube. The extension is also available for other browsers. Students can download videos without leaving YouTube.com and then drag the resulting MP4 file onto their presentation slides. The MP3 download works differently, directing the user to a third-party site that does not work for all videos. As always, it is important to discuss with students why they are allowed to download and use most YouTube videos for school projects but not for personal publication elsewhere.


  1. Does downloading YouTube video violate their Terms of Service?

  2. Richard says:

    Yes, it does. Does that make it wrong?

  3. I know that Creative Commons is trying to work with YouTube to make their content available and that some people (including me) list their content as being licensed under CC for shared use.

    The embed feature is good, but the fact it doesn’t work across all applications is extremely limiting.

    I do question how things like “Fair Use” play out when put against the TOS.

  4. Richard says:

    We don’t know exactly why YouTube added that line to their terms of service. I don’t suppose that they would chase us down for our uses of downloaded videos. They don’t appear to have come down hard on Mozilla for sanctioning add-ons that download YouTube videos. I suppose that blogging about this is one way to test that theory!

    Thank you for your comment.