Ryan Bretag writes:

What happens when organizations begin to settle for a “business as usual” mindset? What are signs that an organization is heading towards complacency? Has your organization become complacent? Have you?

Ten Potential Indicators of Complacency
Difficult Conversation Are Avoided
Fishing Down the Hallway (Risk Taking and Innovation) is Met With Cautious Tones
The Status Quo is Celebrated
Learning is No Longer a Priority
Management and Day to Day Tasks are the Focus
“Hubris Born of Success”
Areas of Potential Growth are Ignored
The Creative Spirit, Energy, Joy, and Passion No Longer Exist as the Norm
The Hairball Is Celebrated and those Orbiting It Are Dismissed
External Influences are Utilized as Excuses

I like to put it this way: excellent institutions are always working hard to become more excellent.

Does your institution demonstrate these signs? How can you gain sufficient perspective to know whether this dynamic is pervasive within your organization or just present in places?

Independent schools accept students who have previously demonstrated success. It is no surprise that those students continue to succeed within our schools. It is quite natural for independent school faculty and staff to conclude that their teaching or the school program is largely responsible for the success.

We need better measures of the quality of our schools, such as how often struggling students experience later success, the school program has adapted to the needs of students, and students praise course content, not just teacher relationships.

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