Leading from the Middle

I am attending this seminar organized by the Santa Fe Leadership Center, whom I help as an advisor. We have had a great first day and a half. Carla Silver, Tim McIntyre, and Gary Gruber know how to create the group dynamic and space for reflection and individual growth. Many participants have come with a colleague from their school, creating the potential for solid work when they return to their schools.

We have explored concepts of leadership as they relate to our personal histories and profiles. We have heard seasoned veterans provide perspective on the essence of leadership and the unique dynamic of middle management in an independent school. We have been instructed on the importance of relationships, particularly with our institute cohort.

Mark Silver encouraged us to: 1) play position; 2) leverage informal authority; 3) build alliances. We explored Lencioni’s five dysfunctions of teams and Tuckman’s stages of group development. We revisited the importance of personal relationships and trust for professional work and the positive qualities of well-functioning teams.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, we hear from The Grove about visual planning and IDEO about the design process.

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