Visual Website Design

Our admission, website, and communication teams have worked together to reorganize the admission section of the school’s website. Not only did we want to simplify and clarify navigation, but we also wanted to present information in visual ways.

Our website is very text-heavy, much of it written eight years ago and only edited since then. In much of the site, we present all of the important content as text and then add some photos for aesthetic or emotional effect. In today’s media-rich culture, people have a lot of practice consuming information visually. We can actually communicate content, not just feelings, through photographic badges. This also forces us to distill the “landing page” message to three key ideas.

In recent years, affordability has become increasingly important to families. Our website statistics show a rise in page views in the tuition, financial aid, and scholarship pages. We respond by both providing easy access to the information people are seeking and by promoting the response that we wish to convey.




  1. Great solution Richard. We love seeing Drupal used to solve problems efficiently and effectively. An excellent example of a robust site built and managed in-house.

  2. Carla Silver says:

    Richard, Great post. Ever so helpful. I was working this week with someone preparing a powerpoint for a talk and it needed to be 5 minutes. I find the same works with keynote. Forget the text all together. Maybe a graph, but otherwise, use compelling photos to enhance the words that you say. . .

    Now onto the SFLC website to apply your advice.

  3. Richard says:

    Thanks, Mark. We are still loving our self-built Drupal site two years in, with no annual cash cost! I appreciate your role in helping schools achieve low-cost, open-source website solutions.

  4. Richard says:

    Yes, and presentation slides are meant to complement an oral presentation, not replace it.

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