A Guide to Schools Considering Online Learning

NAIS recently published an Online Learning Guide, designed to help schools gain perspective and consider next steps for their considerations of online learning. Alex, Arvind, and Vinnie from EdTechTalk asked me to join their weekly radio show to discuss the report. Listen to the conversation on EdTechTalk.com.

We covered the following questions:

– Why did Catlin Gabel join the Global Online Academy?

– How do independent online school options compare, particularly in their teaching strategies?

– Can online high schools support a culture of inquiry?

– Is student-student dialogue an advantage of online learning or an obstacle to overcome?

– How does a rubric approach help schools evaluate their progress with investigating online learning?

For the second question, we compared Global Online Academy, Online School for Girls, Stanford EPGY Online High School, and George Washington University Online High School.

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