edCampPDX #2

Check out the thoughtful topics discussed at today's edCampPDX (detailed descriptions online). Free professional development, facilitated by participants!

Got Books? Using Technology to promote reading and Children's/YA Literature
Writing Across the Curriculum in the Digital Age
Interactive YouTube videos: Created for the world by kids
Writing and Science and Formative Assessment
Tools for Building Classroom Community
Crank up the Critical Thinking using VoiceThread
Throwing Out the Lesson Plan: A Writing Teacher Goes Rogue
Dream School Commons: A Community-Based Effort to Re-Imagine Education
Teachers Controlling Students: Why autonomy support is better and how to tell the difference
Dream School Realized: Extremes in Child-Centered Pedagogy
Selection Bias v. Self-Selection Bias
How do the connected devices get organized around the campfire?
"Know Thyself" – Valuing Reflection
Meet Common Core State Standards with Visual Thinking and Learning
Online learning roundtable discussion
How does attention blindness affect your teaching and learning?
Instant Formative Assessments: How do we know what they know?

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