Keeping Perspective When Promoting Tech In Teaching

The following Chronicle article expresses the importance of a balanced approach to facilitating technology integration for teachers. Innovative practices that work for one teacher are not just directly transmissible to other teachers. The teacher-student relationship is consistently the factor most often cited by teachers and students when describing a successful classroom. The best teachers that use technology maintain and enhance that connection.

As Mr. Wesch began to rethink his teaching, he visited Mr. Sorensen’s class and was impressed by how the low-tech professor connected with students: “He’s a lecturer. He’s not breaking them up into small groups or having them make videos. That’s my thing, right? But he’s totally in tune with where they are and the struggle it takes to understand physics concepts. He is right there by their side, walking them through the forest of physics.”
(courtesy of Eric Castro)

I had a similar experience with a long-tenured colleague who completely shunned technology in his teaching. Many students identified him as their favorite teacher, and the qualities they admired most were his insistence on high standards, his expressed care for student learning, and the refinement of his lesson materials. His approach did not work well for all students, but his success reminds us that teaching is multifaceted, multiple profiles of effective teaching exist, and one should always embed technology-based instruction within the context of good teaching and learning.


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