Getting Away

For the first time in a decade, I have had the entire summer off from school, hence the lack of blog posts! The time away has helped me build up energy and excitement for the school year. Following an academic schedule creates definite markers for the beginning and end of each year, and each academic year has its own distinct character and memories. Time off also provides perspective for my work at school compared to other pursuits and other walks of life.

This free time will end soon, as I will return to the office full-time on August 19.

Summer highlights have included:

  • Waterville Valley Resort, New Hampshire
  • Minute Man National Historical Park, Concord
  • Museum of Natural History, New York
  • Lincoln and MLK Memorials, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC
  • Cascade Lakes Relay (fifth time)
  • Refinishing our dining room table
  • Building sports lockers with the boys (a.k.a., “Camp Dad”)
  • EMP Museum (first time, finally)
  • San Juan Island
  • Youth soccer tournaments
  • Two visits to Portland
  • Lots of running

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