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See You at NECC!

I heard today that my NECC proposal was accepted. The session, titled 0 to 60 in Three Years: A New Online Community, will focus on the development of the insideUHS web site, taking advantage of existing cultural norms within the school, resources that were already in place, and free, open-source software.

Presenting at conferences is a great form of professional development. Just as you learn the material best when you teach it, I love being compelled to perform additional research in order to understand an idea well enough to present it to a diverse audience.

For this presentation, I would like to further explore theories around online community development. How consistent is our experience at UHS with prevalent theories on how people choose to participate in online communities? How do other schools foster participation in online communities? I would love to hear from those who are doing it or are familiar with the research.

SSI with phpiCalendar

Here are instructions for including phpiCalendar events in a web page via SSI (server-side include). You may see an example on insideUHS.

Make a new .tpl in templates/default or make a copy of an existing one. Add the appropriate calendar fields and HTML comments. My file looks like this:

<!-- switch some_events on -->
<!-- loop events on -->
<tr><td class=celldivider><P>{EVENT_TEXT}, {EVENT_START}</td></tr>
<!-- switch description_events on -->
<!-- switch description_events off -->
<!-- loop events off -->
<!-- switch some_events off -->

<!-- switch no_events on -->


<!-- switch no_events off -->

If you want to include more fields than this, then study existing .tpl files to see what your other options are. It is important to include the HTML comments in the file, as phpiCalendar uses them to parse the template.

Make a copy of day.php and rename it to a name of your choice.

Edit line 39 to read as follows:

$page = new Page(BASE.'templates/'.$template.'/yourtemplate.tpl');

(yourtemplate is the name of your template file)

The SSI URL will be something like:


NECC Idea: Single Sign-On

The proposal deadline for NECC is coming up, and I’m kicking some potential presentation ideas around. Let me know what you think. Of the possible presentation formats, two fit my main areas of interest: workshops and poster sessions. Poster sessions allow one to have a lot of one-to-one conversations with interested people over a two-hour time span. Workshops are traditional large group presentations, about an hour in length.

Poster Session: Single Sign-on In a DYI Portal

This poster session would demonstrate our technique for achieving single sign-on in our insideUHS portal. Our login scheme enlists the following components:

* Active Directory user accounts and group memberships
* Directory security on web site folders and files
* ISAPI filter to permit authentication against both AD (students and employees) and an Access database (parents and guests)
* Browser environment variables
* Custom modifications to open-source scripts to use authenticated user environment variable instead of unique user accounts