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Electronic Re-enrollment

Last year at this time, 100 re-enrollment forms were outstanding. This year, we have only 10. This has significantly improved the school’s ability to forecast returning enrollment for next year and send acceptances to those seeking admission.

We used DocuSign to bulk send eSignature enrollment contracts to families and manage their completions. The process did not go entirely smoothly the first time through. DocuSign is in the process of transitioning from a desktop client to an entirely web-based system. Bulk sending to multiple recipients per envelope is only available in the desktop client edition, whereas shared fields and conditional fields are only available in the web version. We are hopeful that  the web client will be able to bulk send to multiple recipients by next year!

Spot the Application Deadline

I’d like to think that our new online application system helped encourage families to apply for admission. Y-axis numbers removed intentionally.