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Hiring: Systems Administrator

We have a great opportunity for a qualified server/network specialist to work in a friendly, high-performing PS-12 school community.

Apply for this position


Apply by:       March 10, 2011

Reports to:   Director of Information Technology


The Systems Administrator has primary responsibility for network and server hardware and software support and secondary responsibility for user workstation hardware and software support. Serves as a member of the IT Team.


  • Manage mixed-platform server environment including Windows (25), Debian Linux (2), and Mac OS X (1) servers. Troubleshoot and resolve server hardware and software problems. Perform routine server maintenance tasks (check error logs, install patches, monitor capacity and performance). Manage configuration of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP. file, database, and other services as necessary in response to school needs. Manage server group policies and permissions to ensure network security. Perform server upgrades and migrations as necessary. Manage backup software and hardware systems to ensure consistent, reliable backup of server and client data. Manage configuration of additional server software applications such as voicemail, inventory, database, and deployment systems.
  • Manage the Avaya phone and voicemail systems, including maintenance, support, and upgrade (as needed). Maintain the proper configuration of phone numbers, extensions, ports, and voicemail options. Keep current the published phone numbers list. Anticipate upcoming needs and adjust system capacity appropriately.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain Cisco, Aruba, Sophos, SonicWall, and SafeConnect network infrastructure systems (switches, routers, wireless access points, cabling, antivirus, wireless access control system).
  • Provide end-user workstation hardware and software support, particularly troubleshooting, workstation-network interactions, best practices for image creation, and on-demand training in a mixed-platform, multi-function environment. Place and manage service calls with network infrastructure vendors as necessary.
  • Create and maintain internal systems documentation including hardware and software maintenance records, inventory records, and a procedures resource book. Maintain organized library of electronic resources including software and documentation.
  • Respond to technical requests from the Director of Information Technology and other IT staff in a timely manner. Regularly communicate project status and take responsibility for project completion.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge, skills and abilities on new and emerging technologies that improve efficiency and effectiveness included but not limited to new operating systems, methods, systems, hardware and software. Make recommendations for proceeding in new directions where appropriate.
  • Complete server and network maintenance work after hours and on weekends (on rare occasions when necessary).


The Systems Administrator is primarily responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the school’s server and network environment. The successful candidate must adapt to the academic calendar and its seasonal priorities, be comfortable with and adept at multitasking, exercise sound judgment in establishing priorities, regularly communicate with other members of the technology staff, participate in shared decision-making, work independently and effectively manage his/her time.  The ability to communicate and work effectively in an academic setting with teachers, students, and administrators of widely varying skills and abilities is critical.

This is not a supervisory position.


Daily interaction with the Catlin Gabel community including: faculty, staff, students and parents.  Communications include face-to-face, phone and electronic interactions.


Experience with Windows Server, Windows 7, Linux Debian, and Macintosh OS X operating systems.

Experience configuring and supporting Cisco and Aruba or equivalent local area network hardware.

Experience installing and upgrading hardware components such as RAID, NIC, RAM, and hard drives.

Experience with laptop and mobile device support.

Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks successfully with strong attention to detail.

Ability to work with a wide variety of people who have a wide range of skill levels and abilities.

Ability to explain problems in non-technical terms.

Ability to work independently, smoothly, even when under pressure with several issues needing attention.

Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Possess great team skills to work on group projects and other collaborative efforts.


BS/BA in Information Services/Technology, Computer Science or related field, or previous experience with systems administration and individual in-person support.


Office environment. Occasional heavy lifting up to 50lbs. Walking required between multiple buildings on campus. Interface with young children through adults. Time spent on phone. Working with people in person. Time spent working on computers.

Facebook fan page launched

We launched the Catlin Gabel Facebook fan page today. We are launching the tool to provide a strong community discussion space, using a technology that is already common. If it also helps us get the word out about news from campus or attract new applicants to the school, that would be nice too, but that’s not the primary goal. As a result, we decided to launch just a single page for alumni, students, parents, and employees instead of launching a separate page for alumni.

To build momentum, we have asked a number of people to make a deliberate effort to post in the next two weeks, so that visitors see some useful content. We also opened our wall to all fans to post content, in order to amplify the community aspect of the page. Our main web site will remain our main one-way communication portal. Facebook will be for community connections and conversations.

Catlin Gabel on Facebook

New Catlin Gabel web site launched!

We launched the new Catlin Gabel web site yesterday morning! The first day went very smoothly. Thank you to those who sent feedback (especially the two with constructive comments). Most first reactions have been about graphic design and navigation. I’m sure that people will have more to say about functionality once they use the site to get things done.

We timed the launch for the very slowest week of summer, so that we could see how the site performs as the load increases up to the start of school. A handful of teachers and staff members are updating new sections of the site, such as Sustainable School and Global Education. Other parts of the site are missing content at present and will need to be populated before the start of school. I created an introductory video to call attention to some aspects of the site.

Far from being done with the site, I have a very long list of items to address, most notably continuing development work on our custom modules. Many remaining to-do items are to customize aspects of the Drupal interface that aren’t quite the right match for our needs. Nonetheless, it feels great to have cleared a major hurdle!

Some of the recent posts on this blog describe the site’s features and development process in greater detail.

new web site