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Stanford’s Thoughts on the Future of Learning

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Stanford University held an event yesterday to share ideas about where teaching and learning are heading.

First in a series of events celebrating Stanford’s 125th anniversary, “Thinking Big About Learning” brings together Stanford professors and leaders talking about what they are doing and learning today in the humanities, computer science, medicine, education, behavioral science, neuroscience and more.

I watched the live broadcast and found that portions speak directly to our school’s strategic planning work on Next Generation Learning. I was also impressed at the similarities between trends in higher ed and secondary education. See below for a list of talks with time codes, so that you may jump directly to the desired presentation as you wish.

Opening Conversation

John Etchemendy, John Mitchell, Daniel Schwartz, and Caroline Winterer (00:00:00)

The Art & Science of Learning

Carol Dweck – Teaching a Growth Mindset (00:22:30)

Bruce McCandliss – The Neuroscience of Learning (00:38:00)

Jeremy Bailenson – Immersive Science, Learning in Virtual Reality (01:00:00)

Carl Wieman – Finding New Ways to Learn Science (01:15:05)

The Learning Landscape

Piya Sorcar – Overcoming Cultural Roadblocks to Education (01:48:00)

Linda Darling-Hammond – New Learning Landscape (02:03:10)

Esther Wojcicki – Empowering Students (02:19:38)

Travis Bristol – Reimagining the Classroom for Boys (02:35:25)

The Future of Learning

Scott Doorley – Learning in Context (02:46:25)

Philip Pizzo – Aging & Lifelong Learning (03:05:35)

Sebastian Thrun and Petra Dierkes-Thrun – Computer Science & Humanities (03:17:40)