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Our Online Conference Presentation

Play the recorded session (60 minutes, Elluminate platform)

TITLE: Enlarging the Box: Reframing Global Education Schoolwide
PRESENTER: Richard Kassissieh, Catlin Gabel School (United States)
CO-PRESENTER: Spencer White CO-PRESENTER: Nancy Leonhardt
FORMAT: Presentation
SHORT DESCRIPTION: A school’s global education initiatives must live within its core programs to be most effective. The presenters will share global education projects that go beyond cultural exchange and language learning. Each example will include the story of how individuals worked to build support for their idea. Local and International Partnerships: connections with humanitarian organizations, peer schools, art organizations and in-country NGOs. Curricular Integration: inviting teachers to collaborate with country experts, building connections between strong school programs and global education. Community Connections: launching a global film series, media and the documentation of trips, schoolwide blogging. International Presence In the Community: Fulbright program, School Year Abroad, student groups focused on global issues. Examples will highlight international service, the Global Viewfinder Film Series, trip planning, curricular integration, cross‐grade collaborations, technology, partnerships with other organizations, and sustainability. We will encourage attendees to share interdisciplinary global projects that happen at their schools.
TRACK: Curriculum

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