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Gone From Google Search!

If this blog is not in Google Search, does it still exist? As a result of a cloaking attack, Google has excluded Kassblog from its search index while my request for “reinstatement” waits in their queue.

Somehow, Google can remove my site immediately and without warning, but they require weeks to consider my request for reinstatement. Google has moved with equal speed on underage GMail accounts, but at least they provide a way for a credit card holder to quickly recover the account.

Paradoxically, I am enjoying life without Google Search. For one, this confirms the fallacy of stat watching. As much as half may have resulted from the cloaked content in the site. Many blog were from unrelated Google searches or automated indexing engines.  Now, my pageview stats reflect who actual humans who came to visit my site on purpose.

Am I worried about my personal identity disappearing from Search? My digital footprint stretches across multiple sites. It is still easy for people to find me. I also host this website myself, so if I never were able to rebuild this site’s Google reputation, I could copy all of the content to a new blog.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate that you are here.