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iPhoto Workshop

Class in progress

Catlin Gabel teachers hone their iPhoto skills.

I just finished teaching a successful two-day workshop in iPhoto. Like many of our classes, I was so pleased that eight teachers and staff members chose to spend some of their summer time developing new skills that they may use this year. Photo management software inspires a lot of energy from our colleagues, so visual and personal yet also connected to their work here at school. Notable, a few attended simply because they were longtime PC users at work who were about to purchase a Mac at home. In this project-based workshop, I also learned much about the print publishing options of iPhoto, such as the ability to drop photos into individual day cells in the calendar tool. One teacher placed 160 photos into one twelve-month family calendar! I also noted how quickly I found myself teaching the students Flickr, in order to fetch Creative Commons photos to import and manipulate, when many had forgotten their digital cameras. One staff member created an entire musical slideshow about trout. Amazing.

Value of Play

A teacher asked me for help with her desktop slide show the other day … which included shots of her family and friends. What did this have to do with teaching and learning? Nothing at first. However, once we got the desktop slide show sorted out, the teacher described how students love to learn more about her family by looking at the rapidly changing slide show (a new pic every 5 seconds) and asking questions about the subject of each shot. Next, the teacher said that she would love to create a similar slide show of shots from her classroom. Then, I explained how we had created an online photo gallery for school community members to post photos. Within a few minutes, we had posted a number of field trip shots online! It didn’t take long for our work on family photos to turn into a vehicle for sharing classroom work with parents and the school community!

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