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Seeking Engineering Intensive Teacher

The Engineering Intensive Teacher will join two UPrep teachers to deliver a three-week, full-time, hands-on, introductory engineering course to high school students who have signed up for this January elective course. This is a fantastic opportunity for an engineer interested in working with youth or an aspiring teacher seeking classroom experience.

Position description and online application

Director of Academic Technology

University Preparatory Academy, Seattle
The Director of Academic Technology will join a school that is uses technology well and is currently pursuing new, exciting technology initiatives. These include the launch of student laptop and iPad programs, experiments with blended learning, digital reading and note taking, and new computer science and technology curricula. Candidates must possess knowledge of secondary education, educational technology, and program leadership and demonstrate communication skills, flexibility, enthusiasm, and a systems thinking orientation. A master’s degree in education or educational technology (or equivalent experience) is required.

Position: Academic year + four weeks

University Prep is committed to the diversity of its workplace.

Reports to:
 Academic Dean

Basic responsibilities:
The Director of Academic Technology guides the evolution of the school’s academic technology philosophy and strategy; facilitates faculty member and student inquiry into uses of technology to support teaching and learning; organizes the school’s laptop and tablet programs for teachers and students; supports the integration of information, communication, and technology literacy standards within the instructional program; introduces the school to new technologies that have strong potential to support teaching and learning at U Prep. The Director of Academic Technology works closely with the Academic Dean, Division Directors, and the IT Department.

  • In collaboration with the division directors and academic dean, develops and implements a schoolwide strategy to facilitate teacher growth in academic uses of technology, including but not limited to one-on-one instructional coaching, professional development workshops, and peer cohort development.
  • Informs the faculty of high quality professional development opportunities and external online resources supportive of faculty inquiry into academic technologies; develops appropriate corresponding internal, online resources.
  • Coordinates the school’s laptop and tablet programs; communicates with and responds to faculty, students, and families as they engage with the program; maintains an easily-accessible repository of laptop and tablet program information for various constituencies; monitors effectiveness of the program and adjusts policies and practices as needed, with the support of the IT department, division directors, and academic dean.
  • In collaboration with the library director, supports instruction for information, communication, and technology literacy across grades 6-12; assesses progress of the school curriculum toward ICT benchmarks; facilitates teacher development of corresponding learning environments and activities.
  • Manages the school’s learning management system (currently Moodle), with the support of the LMS hosting provider; provides LMS training opportunities to faculty members.
  • Evaluates progress towards achieving the goals of the academic section of the Long-range Plan for Technology on an ongoing basis.
  • Administers the distributed responsibility model for academic software, in which academic departments serve as the school’s experts for subject-specific software applications.
  • Collaborates with the IT Manager to clearly communicate the needs of the instructional program to the IT department and to be fully aware of technical opportunities and constraints identified by the IT department.
  • Partners with Parent Council to provide educational opportunities for University Prep families in the area of technology, for example Family Access, Internet safety, laptop and tablet use at home, and social networking.
  • Optionally, teaches one elective course to students, currently Digital Media for seventh and eighth grades.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Salary and benefits:
University Prep strives to attract and retain excellent employees through a compensation plan that compares well to its peer schools. Salaries are competitive, and a full benefits package includes generous retirement benefits and medical coverage. 

If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward your resume to:

Debbie Playter
University Prep
8000 25th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98115
Email: dplayter@universityprep.org

Director of IT, Catlin Gabel

Catlin Gabel is a superb, PS-12 school with four academic divisions and eight operations departments, in other words the perfect growth opportunity for an instructional tech specialist or IT director at a smaller school. The IT director serves on the administrative leadership team. I have held this position for six years and will be moving on to become the academic dean at University Prep in Seattle.

Catlin Gabel features:
– a progressive education philosophy consistent with project-based uses of technology
– six full-time IT staff and an appropriately sized technology budget
– 1:1, two-platform student laptop program in upper school
– leading-edge use of mobile, web, open-source, and curricular applications
– 53 acre campus on the outskirts of an affordable, sustainable city
– a spirit of collaboration and innovation

I am happy to answer questions about the position and school if you contact me.

Apply here: http://www.catlin.edu/employment

Position Title: Director of Information Technology
Department: Information Technology
Reports to: Division Head
1.0 FTE, year-round position


The Director of Information Technology provides strategic leadership, facilitates IT projects, and coordinates department operations to ensure the delivery of robust and reliable technology resources.  The Director is a collaborative, visionary, and dynamic professional who understands the technologies, knows how to bring people and technology together, provides effective leadership to technology professionals and reaches out to support, train, develop and respond to the needs of faculty, staff and students. The Director is a valued member of the administrative team who serves on a variety of collaborative teams charged with instruction and operations planning.


• Attend administrative leadership team meetings and contribute to consultative discussions
• Inform division heads and department directors of the work of the IT department
• Collaborate with administrative team members to ensure consistency and coordination of IT activities
• Serve on other committees as needed (e.g., Communications, Knight Scholars, Senior Projects)

Vision and Planning
• Establish IT priorities, initiate projects, and set policy regarding information technology services
• Develop technology plans that stay abreast of new developments and support the school
• Define and deliver cost effective, reliable and secure technology solutions to the school
• Consult with school leaders and end users to understand academic and administrative needs

• Provide ongoing review of technology systems and methods
• Recommend enhancements that reduce costs and improve effectiveness
• Provide ongoing evaluation of IT policies, procedures and documentation
• Maintain, audit, and continuously improve security management

• Communicate IT policies and procedures to students, employees, parents and other constituencies
• Advise members of the Catlin Gabel community on effective uses of technology resources
• Share with other schools and organizations to maintain knowledge of innovations and best practices
• Uphold Catlin Gabel’s Information Technology program as a model for other institutions

• Maximize the department’s ability to provide high-quality, reliable IT systems to the school
• Solicit, collect, and respond to IT expense requests from all parts of the school
• Develop and manage an IT budget in a manner consistent with the school’s plans and vision
• Lead IT department position searches and assist with other position searches as needed

Professional Development
• Build the capacity of faculty, staff, students, and parents to effectively use IT systems
• Oversee internal training for IT staff and develop programs for all faculty and staff
• Assist administrators with the application of technology to enhance operational effectiveness
• Actively cultivate schoolwide dialogue about effective uses of technology in the school

Webmaster Responsibilities
• Develop and implement a school-wide website strategy to meet program needs
• Install, configure, manage, maintain, and troubleshoot web applications
• Investigate, pilot, and recommend new website technologies to the school
• Provide training on school website applications to faculty, staff, students, and parents


Supervise, evaluate, and support the professional growth of the senior IT positions
• Desktop and Laptop Technologies Manager
• Database Specialist
• Systems Administrator


Education and Work Experience
• Master’s Degree, featuring advanced study in an academic discipline
• 7+ years experience in information technology services with progressively greater responsibility.
• 3+ years management responsibility, including project management and demonstrated group facilitation, team building, and collaboration skills
• Classroom teaching or equivalent school instructional experience

Technology Experience
• Broad knowledge of application software, operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), interactive website, and server technologies as used in educational environments
• Familiarity with network management standards, best practices and procedures
• Knowledge of emerging technologies and their application to an education environment and administrative offices
• Knowledge of proprietary and open source content and collaboration software and their effects on academic practices and policies (currently Moodle, Drupal, WordPress, and NetCommunity Spark)
• Knowledge of administrative data systems (e.g., Blackbaud products)
• Familiarity with different systems for managing narrative student progress reports
• Online learning or virtual education experience desirable

• Skill in budget preparation and management and ability to adhere to and operate within guidelines
• Ability to keenly analyze and effectively solve problems

Personal Qualities
• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies
• Strong verbal and written communication skills


Daily interaction with faculty, staff, students, parents, volunteers, and vendors


Daily interaction with faculty, staff, parents, vendors, trustees, and volunteers.  On-call for problems.  If a mission critical job in the school is jeopardized by a system or network malfunction, the problem must be resolved as quickly as possible.

Catlin Gabel School believes that each employee makes a significant contribution to its success.  That contribution should not be limited by the assigned responsibilities.  Therefore, this position description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications and job scope, but not limit the incumbent nor the organization to just the work identified.  It is our expectation that each employee will offer his/her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our endeavors.

Updated 2/21/2012


Leadership Positions at Catlin Gabel

It’s a good year to join the leadership team at Catlin Gabel. Come join this terrific school.

Head of the Middle School

The Middle School Head has responsibility for the oversight and daily operation of the Middle School which has185 students in grades 6-8 and 30 faculty and staff. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a deep love of middle school children, and a keen understanding of how students learn are essential qualities. Candidates need expertise in curriculum development, educational practice, as well as in faculty supervision and support. A graduate degree is preferred.

Director of Admission and Financial Aid

The Director of Admission and Financial Aid is responsible for maximizing the exposure, visibility, demand for and understanding of the School with both internal and external audiences; maintaining capacity enrollment of mission appropriate students; and providing access to economically diverse students through financial aid programs. This includes establishing strategic direction, goals, policy, work plans, work flow, and budget; overseeing the admission team’s day-to-day activities; and ensuring effective attainment of admission and financial aid results.

Athletic Director

The Athletic Director is responsible for the leadership, organization and administration of athletic programs and events in all divisions of the School. The Catlin Gabel Athletics Program is open to all Middle and Upper School students.  A “no cut” policy with the exception of varsity-level teams encourages wide-ranging participation in sports, consistent with the School’s belief that physical activity is perforce important and that athletic competition is vital to the formation of the young person. Catlin Gabel’s athletics program includes soccer, cross country, and volleyball in the fall; basketball and racquetball in the winter; and baseball, track, golf, and tennis in the spring. It is a vibrant, healthy, well subscribed and high profile school program.

Catlin Gabel offers a challenging course of study based on a progressive philosophy that is strongly student centered and predicated on an informal, highly interactive environment in which young people are valued for themselves and their ideas.


Hiring database specialist

Start Date: January 5, 2009
Full-time, Exempt

Catlin Gabel School is located in Portland, Oregon. Please apply at http://www.catlin.edu/employment/

Catlin Gabel School extensively and ambitiously incorporates technology into its academic environment as an education tool. Designed to continually pursue excellence in the development of student ability, individual creativity, and the enhancement of teaching practices, the Catlin Gabel technology program supports approximately 900 employees and students as they use 700 computers throughout campus. The school employs a team of skilled IT professionals and implements enterprise systems to support its operations. Catlin Gabel teachers and staff form a supportive community of professionals dedicated to individuality and lifelong learning.

Administer the deployment, support, and maintenance of schoolwide database systems. Coordinate the use of database systems across campus. Provide database training and communicate professional development opportunities to administrative staff. Provide direct, general technical support to faculty, staff, and students.

•Manage schoolwide database systems and applications (primarily Blackbaud but also including Ceridian, AuctionPay, Follett Destiny, Nutrikids, open-source web applications, and others);
•Coordinate schoolwide database use with other staff members, especially the Schoolwide Education Edge Coordinator, the Development Services Manager, and the Admission Data Coordinator;
•Configure reports, exports, imports, and queries in response to division and department requests. Develop custom reports using Crystal Reports;
•Keep database systems up-to-date with latest patches and updates as appropriate;
•Maintain database integrity and security, including backup;
•Install and uninstall client and server database applications as needed;
•Assist users with data cleanup primarily through queries and search/replace;
•Support efforts to link web site and school database systems;
•Design data entry standards and monitor users’ adherence to them;
•Design and provide training to users of schoolwide database systems;
•Facilitate and encourage user access to third-party professional development opportunities;
•Create strategic plan for the evolution of database systems at Catlin Gabel;
•Evaluate new database technologies for their potential to support Catlin Gabel school operations;
•Integrate different database systems with an eye toward efficiency and practicality;
•Write and assemble documentation and training materials for the use of database systems;
•Troubleshoot and solve routine technical issues that faculty, staff, and students face;

Manage schoolwide database systems, primarily interface with school administrative staff.


Daily interaction with faculty, staff, students, department colleagues, volunteers, and vendors.

•Strong skills and direct experience with Microsoft SQL Server essential. Familiarity with mySQL for Linux, and FileMaker Pro desirable.
•Application of best practices to database design and maintenance.
•Prior experience with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, Education Edge, and Crystal Reports highly desirable.
•Productivity applications including Microsoft Office. Ability to troubleshoot and resolve common Windows software and PC hardware issues. Ability to design and provide effective training to colleagues.
•Ability to articulate technical concepts and solutions to a diverse range of users;
•Capacity to cultivate collaboration and buy-in to schoolwide standards and practices;

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from an accredited college or university, or equivalent experience. Training in computer programming, systems analysis/design and/or management, with a minimum of five years of database management or equivalent experience. Experience with Blackbaud applications highly desirable.

Daily interaction with faculty, staff, parents, vendors, trustees, and volunteers. On-call for problems. If a mission critical job in the school is jeopardized by a system or network malfunction, the problem must be resolved as quickly as possible. This could take place during non-business hours.


Catlin Gabel School believes that each employee makes a significant contribution to its success. That contribution should not be limited by the assigned responsibilities. Therefore, this position description is designed to outline primary duties, qualifications and job scope, but not limit the incumbent nor the organization to just the work identified. It is our expectation that each employee will offer his/her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our endeavors.

Catlin Gabel is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring and supporting a diverse workforce.