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New Network Access System

We have purchased a SafeConnect network access system to replace Cisco Clean Access at Catlin Gabel. This ends a rocky, four-year relationship with CCA, in which we dedicated a lot of money and staff time to CCA yet were unable to implement the full functionality we desired. Other schools using SafeConnect have spoken so enthisiastically about the ease of use and smooth function of the system. We hope we will have a similar experience!

We plan for SafeConnect to:

  • Limit both the wireless and wired networks to known computers
  • Authenticate dedicated computers by machine identity and shared computers by user identity
  • Store detailed access logs to help us investigate specific reports of cyberbullying
  • Audit the network for specific running processes (e.g. netbots)
  • Enforce minimum patch levels for all computers
  • Ensure that antivirus software is still enabled on all computers

Implementation cost is only one quarter of what we paid to implement Cisco Clean Access four years ago!