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Buy Lecture Slides Online

Would it surprise you to find a high school teacher selling his lecture slides online? What if the teacher teaches economics?

Welker’s Wikinomics

What Happens To Old SMART Boards?

Joking aside, it’s pretty interesting to watch old technologies find limited but useful roles after they become obsolete. This SMART Board is very small and difficult to calibrate. It may get used as an electronic whiteboard from time to time, but it has found a more practical application as a sturdy portable whiteboard.

“Technology to be in every room”

Here’s yet another Smart Board love affair. One-third of district classrooms had a Smart Board, so the district decided to install a Smart Board and projector in all classrooms. I would like to know what decision-making process led to this $2m expense. What if only one-third of the teachers used the technology effectively? How do these devices help students actively learn?

If we could give every student a computer, we would,” said Rick Green, director of information technology for the 24,000-student district. “This is as close as we could get.

Smart Boards enable a teacher to organize and present content visually. Computers allow students to engage with and produce content. Surely small classroom laptop sets would have come closer to the expressed ideal?

Technology to be in every room

Faculty Professional Development

We have scheduled spring professional development sessions for our teachers. What are you focusing on as priority teacher professional development goals? We want to offer sessions that appeal to learners at their own stages of technology vision.

Moodle Workshop
Come set up your Moodle course in this hands-on session. Post assignments, readings, and links. Set up discussion forums for students. Learn how others have integrated Moodle into their classes.

Backup Basics
Is the backup process still not quite clear to you? Are you worried that you aren’t getting a good backup? Do you want to make sure that you are backing up what’s important and filtering out what’s not? Come with your questions and leave with a solid understanding of how to backup your important data!

Video Showcase
We have so many ways to use video in the classroom. This session will help you choose one to investigate more deeply for use in your classes. Together, we will briefly demonstrate each technology, discuss capabilities, and show current uses at Catlin Gabel. Technologies will include: YouTube, United Streaming, Blip.tv, TiVo, digital TV, cable TV, satellite TV, video in Drupal, video in Moodle, video cameras, digital cameras, and Flip video recorders.

Getting the Most out of Your SmartBoard
Do you have a SmartBoard in your room but you’re not sure you are using it to its fullest potential? We’ll show you lots of tips and tricks to help you maximize this useful tool. Bring your questions and your laptops as we will have hands-on practice time at the end of the session.

Tying Technology to Your Curriculum
If you’re looking for ways to enhance your curriculum and make it more effective using technology, then you’ll want to attend this workshop. We’ll provide numerous resources to get you thinking about where it makes sense to use technology in your curriculum to engage your students and how to continue to improve learning. You may have some good ideas you’ve already tested. Please bring them along to share!

Language classroom multimedia setup

language classroom

This won’t win the prize for the simplest, most elegant setup, but it’s a practical combination of new and old technologies. This room was originally set up by a professional audiovisual installer about five years ago with audiovisual rack, long-throw projector, AV switcher, satellite and cable TV feeds, multiregion VHS and DVD players, and stereo speakers.

When the projector died, it was less expensive to purchase a Smart 680i2 for the front of the classroom than to buy a bright projector and custom lens for the rear of the classroom. The teachers also gain the Smart Board and document camera that they have wanted for some time.

The teachers are all ready to use the equipment to analyze language materials from all kinds of sources with their students. We should see some great applications of technology to curriculum come out of this Spanish and Mandarin Chinese classroom.