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The Met / The Big Picture Company

I spent the day at The Met, an internship-based school in Providence that has become a national model for a network of 50 “Big Picture” schools. I was so pleased to witness the program, teachers, and students first-hand after having heard about the school for years. Every time I heard something notable, I Twittered it. Here are my notes:

Waiting to board a bus to The MET in Providence. Excited to see the program first-hand!
I haven’t been on a charter bus in ages. Reminds me of college.
4 Met Schools are fully booked today with PD and community activities.

The Met: connecting internships with learning goals and assessment.

The Met: 98% students accepted into college, all required to apply
62% attend college, 40% complete two or four years

Three R’s: relationships, relevance, rigor

No Met schools in MA – because of high stakes testing? Yet their New York school is making it work.

The Met doctor can be a student’s primary care physician. Part of teaching the whole child.

15-20 social work interns practice at the Met, providing that service to the students.

50 Big Picture schools nationwide. I had no idea.
Rhode Island funds schools at $12,000 per ADA per year. That’s twice the rate in CA!

Assessment: employee evaluations, school work products, exhibitions
Pedagogy: knowing student learning styles; active, authentic, hands-on learning; reflection

The Met: online database of resources. Any member can contribute. An example of structure making an online environment more effective?
Al student work maintained online. Mentioned in passing, but so revolutionary.

Open Office concept. Using school resources independently to get things done. about 11 hours ago from web

Students are in internships 10-12 hours per week.

Internships last 3 months to a year.

Most Met schools are contained within larger schools or other organizations. A surprise for me.

Campus design: retained walkways, kept neighborhood roof lines, open facilities to community, red brick not cinderblock.

I bet these graduates are extremely independent and directed in college.

About to start student walk through the school.

Big Picture Soda: a science project turned commercial success!
Incredible media studio: recording, editing, film studios, control room.

Math needs are poorly met through internships. Why is there so little algebra naturally happening in the workplace?

South Carolina district superintendent at this preconference at The Met. Cool.

Students required to complete 75 page autobiography for graduation!

Curricular areas defined by skills, not content. “The Met Learning Goals”

Quantitative reasoning, social reasoning, communication, empirical reasoning, personal qualities

New digital portfolio system will track content competencies in addition to aforementioned skills (The Met)

The Met unapologetic about preparing kids for a successful career (and why not?)

Big Picture Online: I would like to learn more about the portal that these 50 schools use.