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More Trouble for Vision-Impaired Web Readers

A year and a half after my first attempt, I took another look at the accessibility of news web sites for the vision-impaired. My blind colleague reported that the Yahoo! mobile site I had provided had stopped working for him.

Yahoo news

Sure enough, the link had moved without any redirection, so I had to find the new link and bookmark it for him a second time. Also, Yahoo! changed their mobile site to use brackets >> instead of numbers to delimit each news item and removed the keyboard shortcuts that used to exist, making it more difficult to select a news item. Also, his screen reader reads the brackets as “right angle bracket, right angle bracket,” downright confusing to hear just before the news headline. However, Yahoo! Mobile is at the moment the best option I can provide for George.

The New York times has remained an extremely difficult site to use if you can’t see it. They neglect to include keyboard shortcuts that would enable one to jump past the dozens of menu items to the lead articles. Worst of all, if you visit their mobile site in a computer web browser, it automatically redirects you to the regular web page! We want to view the mobile site, which includes a minimum of graphics and links, and allows George to jump directly to a list of top headlines. It doesn’t seem possible on the New York Times site.

Have you found an accessible news site for the vision-impaired? What strategies do you use to provide access to such users?