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Peace Corps Correspondence Match

The Peace Corps runs the Paul D. Coverdell Worldwise Schools program, providing education resources to U.S. schools based on Peace Corps volunteer experiences. One part of this program is a correspondence match, in which a Peace Corps volunteer exchanges written notes with a classroom in the United States. Currently, the program has hundreds more enrolled volunteers than interested classrooms, so consider joining this superb program!

Given our focus on Botswana and AIDS this year, I expressed that I would be happy to participate, but only if the volunteer met very specific criteria: an individual working on HIV/AIDS in a rural region of Botswana. I did not anticipate that the Peace Corps would be able to provide such an exact match, given the thousands of volunteers they have working all over the world. Not they find an exact match, but the individual is extremely enthusiastic, communicative, and well-connected within the local public health and village community! This connection has already paid huge dividends for our trip, to the point that we may change our travel itinerary to include Gumare.