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Zoomerang Unhelpful

This year, we have made two survey systems available to our users, Zoomerang and an internally-developed tool. Yesterday, I got a call from a user who was experiencing page load wait times of up to two minutes. We weren’t experiencing similar issues with other web sites.


She called Zoomerang, who promptly blamed us for the issue. Not helpful! Unable to produce the survey using Zoomerang, the user turned to our internal tool and had the entire survey up within minutes.


Although I have abused Zoomerang before, I will acknowledge that it is a perfectly fine survey tool. I am just surprised that a successful company would not provide better customer service. Whether or not the problem resided at their end was not really the issue. A “valued customer” with the “pro” membership was experiencing a problem isolated to their tool.

Today, Zoomerang is running normally. Go figure.